Fast Forward

Fast Forward is an intensive multidisciplinary program that runs for 3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, in 4 to 6 week blocks. The benefit of the program is that children are able to make significant improvements in a short period of time.

The program is based on the principles of Conductive Education and incorporates Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology as well, thus involving 3 – 4 fully trained professionals simultaneously at one time each and every day to maintain the program’s high quality and to enhance the multidisciplinary learning environment. Within the group setting children work towards their own individually tailored goals while the group participation also facilitates emotional, communication and social development. With a strong focus on activity based learning, where participants learn by doing, the program helps children take important steps forward in their development.

Positions in the program are offered based on availability, and groups need to be age and ability appropriate. Each child is assessed individually based on their particular needs and suitability to the program.

For more information on our Fast Forward program, call us on 0400 202 509.

Will Head Of Group

Future Footprints is an approved
NDIA and Better Start provider