Halliwick Hydrotherapy with Vanessa

The Halliwick concept was originally developed for people with a physical disability to learn how to move independently in water by working on balance, motor control and core stability. This hydro technique uses the interaction of water properties such as turbulence, flow, resistance and buoyancy to achieve this. Vanessa Rowe has been using hydrotherapy as part of her OT programs since 1992. Parents/carers are encouraged to get in the pool for these sessions.

Hydrotherapy with Tamra

Tamra Bogle is a qualified Occupational Therapist who has recently completed the Advanced International Aquatic Therapy Techniques program. She is passionate about using the water as a powerful tool to engage children in working on their individual goals.
HydrOT uses play and fun activities to engage a child at their level. Not only is time in the pool important but so are the tasks and time before and after, such as preparing emotionally to getting into the pool, showering and dressing.

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