Our team

Eszter Agocs

Conductor and Founder

Eszter graduated at the International Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education in 2004 and has worked professionally in the USA (Chicago and Arlington) and Kuwait before moving to Adelaide in 2006 to take up a position with the Education Department.

Endlessly passionate about Conductive Education and dignity for people of different abilities, Eszter has always had a dream of running a Conductive Education centre and the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality came about in 2011, when she started Future Footprints. She has created more than just a therapy centre by making it full of colour, fun and love where patients and their families feel at home.

In addition, she is also a keen Table Tennis player, a passionate tennis and coffee fan and loves watching Rom Coms with a box of tissues by her side.


Nikolett Nagy


Lotti graduated at the International Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education in 2003 and worked professionally in Hungary before moving to Sydney in 2006. She joined Future Footprints in 2012 not only as a conductor but also taking on the role of “Artistic Director”.

She brings a real passion for working with children and seamlessly blends her professional knowledge and expertise with care and love resulting in fun Conductive Education sessions that are age appropriate and high energy.

She has a great love of adventure and travel, pasta and all things Hungarian.


Márta Szijjártó


Marta is a qualified teacher and conductive educator who takes a holistic approach to conductive education and enjoys helping children reach their goals through play and challenging tasks.

A keen traveller who loves trying new food, Marta has worked with children with special needs all over the world, including Hungary, the United States, Norway, and China.

Marta loves watching a child’s confidence grow as they reach a hard-earned goal. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing the satisfaction and smile on a child’s face as they realise, “Yes, I can do it!”


Gabriella Czár-Juhász


Gabi graduated from the International Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education in 2005. She has had more than 10 years experience working in many different countries around the world; Hungary, USA, Kuwait, Spain, England and even stretching as far as the Caribbeans’. She moved to Australia with her family with great excitement to join the Future Footprints team.

Originally Gabi had dreams about being a musical singer but one day ended up visiting the Peto’s Institute and from that day, she knew that conductive education was what she really wanted to do. She brings her love of music and cheerful spirit into her sessions.

She has many interests from extreme sports to hiking and travel. Since becoming a mother, now more than ever, she understands the dreams and goals parents have for their children.


Bridget Marshall


Bridget has an honours degree in physiotherapy and is passionate about working with children. She has over 6 years experience, originally qualifying in South Africa and moving to Australia in 2015. She joined the Future Footprints team in March 2016.

She is a friendly and enthusiastic physiotherapist and provides individual sessions at the clinic and at home as well as being part of the various group programs at Future Footprints. She has a special interest in Neurodevelopmental therapy and likes to create a fun and caring environment for children to develop confidence in their skills and achieve their goals.


Meggen Tidyman

Speech Pathologist

Meg is a qualified speech pathologist with 5 years of experience working with children, at organisations such as the Victorian Department of Education, Novita Children’s Services and Childsplay.

Meg is passionate about helping children to communicate, tailoring the therapy she provides to suit the needs of each individual client and their families. She recognises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and loves it when one of her clients learns how to communicate something new.


Tamra Bogle

Occupational Therapist

Tamra is a qualified occupational therapist who enjoys building strong relationships with her clients at Future Footprints to provide the best occupational therapy for their needs.

Tamra’s interests include playing netball, eating chocolate and Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN). Her work with children with special needs in rural Cambodia taught her the importance of play in therapy and how to be creative with resources, and she enjoys helping children improve their fine motor skills through arts and crafts activities.

She loves seeing her clients have fun, play, be creative, and be proud of themselves and the work they have tried and accomplished.


Lakkari Rigney

Speech Pathologist


Lakkari has an honours degree in Speech Pathology and is passionate about supporting and working with

children and their families.

Lakkari enjoys building strong relationships with the people she works with and understands that each child is an individual. She takes great pride when the communication skills of those she works with progress and the difference this makes to them and their families.

When she’s not working Lakkari enjoys playing sport, reading and spending time at the beach

Vanessa Rowe

Occupational Therapist

Vanessa is a Registered Occupational Therapist and qualified hydro therapist who since graduating in 1989 has worked in Australia, Canada and the UK in both hospital and community positions in rural and urban settings. She has a passion for her work and has a broad base of knowledge. Her particular areas of interest include infant development, Aboriginal outreach and all areas of paediatrics. She believes in using an individual’s strengths to achieve goals, promote ability, encourage self-worth and engage in life experiences to maintain and reach their full potential.

Vanessa is a fun loving creative individual who has lots of energy and loves the outdoors, animals, anything to do with the beach, yoga and great coffee.

Rowan Harding

Music Therapist

Rowan Harding is a qualified music therapist who is passionate about building strong relationships with both clients and their families to help them work towards achieving their goals. Rowan is a recent graduate from the University of Melbourne with a masters of music therapy. He believes that music can be a powerful tool for everyone, but that it can be particularly useful for those who do not communicate in a conventional way.

Rowan is a friendly and passionate music therapist who cares deeply about the well being and achievements of those he works with. He believes that all people should have access to music and works towards making music accessible to all.

In his spare time, Rowan saxophone in his band, and enjoys all things Comic Book!

Nathan Schumacher

General Manager

Once describes as the “Everything Else” guy, Nathan’s role at Future Footprints is just that, everything this is not working directly with clients. With a diverse background, Nathan has a BSc (Chem), is a qualified Plumber, has worked in hospitality and has passion for health and fitness.

Nathan’s main role at FFCE is accounts and admin but he also takes care of the maintenance, purchasing and other odd jobs.

When he is not at FF, he is busy at home cooking or running through some mud somewhere. He also feels very blessed being a stay-at-home dad while managing his Future Footprints duties part time.


Emma Lawless



Emma is a qualified physiotherapist who is passionate about interdisciplinary team rehabilitation within the Conductive Education framework. Emma has particular interest in Feldenkrais and applies this approach to her individual physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions.

As a senior physiotherapist at Future Footprints, Emma provides individual physiotherapy sessions at Future Footprints and at home visits. She also runs the unique Fit 4 Fun Group Program, which combines physiotherapy and CE, and assists in running our Fast Forward Intensive Program.

A country girl at heart, Emma enjoys reading, walking her beloved dogs and being outdoors. Her customer focused approach, caring demeanour and boundless passion and energy enable her to provide a high quality service to all her clients and their families.

Emma is currently on maternity leave, and while we will miss her, we wish her the very very best in this her new and exciting chapter, and look forward to her returning when the time is right.

Future Footprints is an approved
NDIA and Better Start provider